Dropkick Murphy’s Do Bruce, Todd Snider in Bloomington

VIDEO I LIKE: I watched this thing three times when I found it.  Almost perfect Dropkick Murphy cover version of Springsteen’s “Badlands”  – Played with a little more abandon, a little punkier, but still really true to the roots of the song and the Boss.  And longtime Springsteen fans will know the opening chords played by the band before they kick into the song was the same intro Bruce used withe the E. St. Band during the 1978 Darkness on the Edge of Town tour.

Quick Hits:   Been using the Vimeo web video player for some of the work I do with a couple different musicians.  Though YouTube is the mosnster that we feel compelled to feed to try and hit a wide audience, embedding a video looks better with other services,a nd I like the non-branding the Vimeo’s player gives me.  Plus it is a cleaner, nicer looking video…

part of my morning routine is working at the desk and listening to tunes.  It has been a Pandora-driven experience the past two weeks.  I think I am going to have to remove Will Hoge from the list of artists that I use to build the sound of the station.  I really, really like Will’s music, but by using him as a point of reference has alos give me some Pete Yorn, Sister Hazel and Matt Nathenson.  Not terrible, but not the sound Rob’s Roots Rock Radio is going for.  We just played some Seger from “Live Bullet” a minute ago, so all is now good.  Clik that link above to sample the joys of loud, crunchy, roots, sweaty rock.  It’s good for you too.

…Todd Snider for two shows in Bloomington this weekend.  Friday and Saturday at the Bluebird.  Todd seems to love the club, and it is a cool place to see the East Nashville singer/songwriter/stoner/genius.

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