PODCAST Ep:34. – Why Am I Just Now Discovering Pat Todd and The Rankoutsiders?

Pat Todd has been called the most sincere rock and roll singer/songwriter on the planet. 

His first group, the LA-based Lazy Cowgirls, called it quits in 2004 after nearly 25 years together. Pat Todd, raised in Indiana, formed a new band, Pat Todd and The Rankoutsiders.

In them, I hear Jason and The Scorchers, the Georgia Satellites in their prime, cowpunk, and gassed up the guitars with bang-bang-bang drums, all driven in 5th gear.

How had I not heard of Pat Todd until 2022? 

I have no idea.  But now I have and find a need to share it with my rock and roll compatriots.  So turn it up and let’s rock together.  Maybe it’s a new find for you too. Giving you an artist and a band that takes total inspiration in sounds and chord changes from 50 years ago – Berry riffs and Sweet Jane chord changes – and twists them enough to make them work now.

Wanna hear a band recorded in a room together and sounding alive?  Let’s go.

There is nothing cute about them unless you call harmonica and acoustic guitar cute. The sound of Faces and Stones, garage rock, Louie Louie messiness, and FU brashness.