Lost Video : Huey Lewis (circa 1984) solo with David Letterman’s orginal band

One of the lost little video nuggets of 80’s rock. Huey Lewis (with just one member of the News in tow) plays “Heart of Rock and Roll” with Paul Shaffer and the first Late Show band -back in 1984 –  with Matt “Guitar Murphy” in for Hiram Bullock on guitar. Love the raw look of the Letterman shows from the time.

Though the song is a piece of pop/rock that felt more like fluff than rock and roll from Lewis, this version is interesting for the setting, and the fact that the massive”Sports” album, which would be career-changer for the band, was just breaking out, and Lewis is essentially solo here.

VIDEO: The Lumineers breaking big (“Stubborn Love”)

The Lumineers have sold nearly 300,000 copies of their debut album.  They played a 200-person club in Indianapolis in May, and much like fellow Americana darlings The Civil Wars, are on the cusp of breaking really big.  Love their sound, and love the loose-limbed live performances.  Here’s one recorded in a radio studio of “Stubborn Love” – simultaneously  melancholy and uplifting…