Indiana Music: Max Allen and the Hard Rock band battle

With six albums to his credit, blues guitarist and singer Max Allen might be in a position where he doesn’t have a need to enter events like the recent Hard Rock “Battle of the Bands” contest. Or maybe his winning the Indianapolis section of that event was due to his willingness to play for his next break. Can’t hurt, right? Four bands will earn spots on the stage at the Hard Rock Calling festival in London’s Hyde Park this summer. We caught up with Allen after his band won the local throwdown, before he moves on to regional, and possibly national, competition, and more of his regular gigs. He also says they have a new album almost ready to go. Continue reading “Indiana Music: Max Allen and the Hard Rock band battle”

Indiana Music: Bobbie Lancaster readies new album, more shows

While Bobbie Lancaster may not tell you herself, her self-titled, debut album from last year contained some of the prettiest, gospel-tinged and heartfelt pieces of Americana music released in 2010. Instead, she’s more likely to look forward than back. Though you might catch her pride of performance on that first album when it whispers into her conversation, she’s a woman who lives in the moment as best any of us can, and takes the now and applies it, with a spiritual flair, to her future. Continue reading “Indiana Music: Bobbie Lancaster readies new album, more shows”