Prediction Station: Dierks Bentley’s new single “Bourbon in Kentucky” will be huge

dierksbentleyJust want to take a moment and go on record with this prediction: Dierks Bentley’s song “Bourbon in Kentucky” (out on June 15) will end up as the smash, everybody-knows-the-words country hit of the year.  Sweep the year-end awards.  Make him piles of money as a catalyst for his new Riser album.

Huge.  I’m just sayin’.

I can’t be sure how I came upon the streaming track this week- either banging around the iTunes store or down some crazy web musical rabbit hole.  Doesn’t matter.  Heard it once and knew it. The song “sounds” huge. Arena rock huge. Big like a U2 anthem.  But the vocals are close-miked.  Nuanced.  Lyrics?  They work, because the sound is freaking countryfried long-lasting ear candy.

Heard it here first.  Biggest song in country music.  Unlike anything else on country radio right now.

VIDEO REWIND: The Cars – “Bye Bye Love ” (Live)

Power-pop brilliance.  The Cars excelled with smoldering, dark “Moving in Stereo”- type songs, and with killer chorus, blueprint-for-New Wave pop candy.  I love that this is live,  and really, really good, in a not-so-perfect way.  Harmonies, the late Benjamin Orr on bass reminding that Ric Ocasek wasn’t he only lead singer, and the great eight-bar solos from Elliott Easton on the guitar.  The Cars were best loved on record, and I have never talked to anyone who loved their shows in the 80’s.  But back in the late 1970’s, after the debut album, they were still nicely raw.