Podcast Music Submissions

Submission Policy Page

Our podcast/radio show debuted in 2020, and we would love to have your music on the show. We are finishing the production for the pilot podcast and it will be available soon.

The show is based in Indianapolis, where we know our American Rock and Roll.  The city is the called the Crossroads of America, you know.

We’ve been listening and living the sound for a long time, and like to think our little staff recognizes the greatness that is two guitars, drums, bass, along with a more-than-occasional Hammond B3 organ. (And horn sections used when appropriate).  Lyrics about everything from love to work to cars to space aliens.

* * * *

I require your permission to play your music on the AMERICAN ROOTS-ROCK SHOW. By submitting your material, you are giving your permission. To get your music included in the new shows, send along a CD, link to download it, or individual songs (MP3 please) to rob@rockforward.com

TYPES OF MUSIC: Americana, alt-country, roots-rock, rock and roll.

SUBMISSION POLICY: By submitting material to the ROCK POP AND ROLL podcast, you grant a license that gives permission to play and distribute your music. The license that you grant to the to Rock Pop and Roll is fully-paid and royalty-free (meaning that Rock Pop and Roll/Rockforward Media is not required to pay you).

The artist, record company, or artist representative making this submission, must be legally allowed to distribute, broadcast, or license these works at their discretion.

Send your mp3s to:


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