New Dan Baird Album Due September 25

Music-Homemade-SinFormer Georgia Satellite Dan Baird and his band Homemade Sin release their new album Get Loud on September 25.  As his gift, he passes along another fabulously greasy, gritty, Satellite-esque chunk of rock and roll.  The title is essentially a command.  This stuff sounds best cranked.  “Fairground People” is a highlight. This is another good record, featuring an old recipe.

Baird has built a career out of one big hit (Keep You Hands’ to Yourself” ) and a couple smaller radio gems (“I Love You Period”, “Open All Night”).  He’s had former/current Jason and the Scorchers guitarist Warner Hodges in tow for live gigs and albums for nearly ten years, and his Georgia Satellites drummer Mauro Magellan has stayed loyal to Baird, with him from the beginning of the solo career.

The new album is more of the loud Telecaster and pounding drums that Baird traffics with each record.   And that’s as it should be – he does his part in keeping the smart, lyrical side of the Satellites alive, with throwbacks to The Faces, Stones, and Petty in his music.

Alas, the band spends most of its touring time in Europe, and US fans have to get by with a few of the bootleg-y live videos and scattered live albums between proper studio releases. So enjoy this blast of new, old rock and roll, best turned up loud, just like they tell you to.

Get Loud: SONGS
1. Get Loud, 2. Nothin’ Left To Lose, 3. Don’t Be Wastin’ My Time, 4. Thin Disguise, 5. A Few Of My Own, 6. County Black, 7. Fairground People, 8. Silver Little Lies, 9. A Little Bad Luck, 10. Get It Right, 11.Movin’ Right Along