LIVE WEBCAST – Truth and Salvage Co. – Sunday, August 28.

Truth & Salvage Co. is getting into the on-the-web live concert  game with a webcast on Sunday (August 28), as part of what they are calling a “Backyard BBQ”.  GOod chance to see what they can do with it and how loose the band will be…love these guys and the harmonies, gritty guitars, Hammond B3 sound –  and that one of them is from Indiana.

T&Sco.  will be in Indy next weekend for a show on September 3, at 4:15pm (Saturday) during Rib America.

WEBCAST: August 28th at 3pm

VIDEO: Paul McCartney on SNL

With George Harrison’s doc coming out in October, let’s share some 2010 McCartney from SNL.  Give the guy some deserved credit; always thought this version of his band has been kind of lost amidst the Paul spotlight – and Paul is impressive.  A Beatle. 

And one that Truth and Salvage Co. should cover…