New Todd Snider and the Eastside Bulldogs video

Todd Snider has evolved from young 20-something strummer,  playing Jerry Jeff Walker tunes around Austin because he felt he must, to a straight-up, full-blown rock and roll band leader with the should-be-and-maybe-they-are legendary Nervous Wrecks, to now having built a seemingly solid career as a barefoot neo-folkie who can whip your ass with his lyrics.  Along the way, he’s proven himself to be the singer of great songs, writer of words that show his near-genius respect and understanding of the human condition, and smoked a lot of weed. Continue reading “New Todd Snider and the Eastside Bulldogs video”

Indiana Music: Chase Coy -“Picturesque”

Chase Coy , a smart 19-year-old singer-songwriter from Greenwood, Indiana, will release his major label debut Picturesque on June 1st. Written and produced by Coy, it’s a quiet, poetic piece of acoustic-and-string sprinkled music. It’s best moments ring of a McCartney sensibility. Not comparing the two artists’ careers; simply noting that the template for mature-beyond-your-years songs was created by the Beatle, and there is a thinking, searching pop quality to the upcoming album.

Coy is a busy boy. He’s already released a pair of albums, Dear Juliet and Look How Far We’ve Come, and some iTunes songs. This year, Coy’s catalog tracks were compiled into a single digital album available at iTunes, entitled Where the Road Parts.

As Taylor Swift has built her career of singing to 15-25 year-old girls, the Picturesque album would seem to aim for a similar demo, but to guys – though the girls will find reasons to listen to the words, since the muse of Coy is his girlfriend Mallory Koons. The subject matter gives a soft, introspective side to most of the songs. Nothing rocks. The drums are a surprise when they show up. It’s not a party album; the songs are produced to highlight lyrics. The album is unlike anything I have heard in a long time. It’s poetry, set to muted music. Continue reading “Indiana Music: Chase Coy -“Picturesque””

Backstage at Letterman: Indiana guitarist Jason Wilber’s night in NYC with Dave, Don Rickles and Paul Shafer

Wanted to follow up on our post earlier this week about Hoosier guitarist and singer/songwriter Jason Wilber playing on Late Night with David Letterman. Wilber, fresh from the performance backing John Prine on Letterman Wednesday night, posted to his blog/website a number of behind-the-scenes moments he experienced as the guitar player, both on stage and off.

Continue reading “Backstage at Letterman: Indiana guitarist Jason Wilber’s night in NYC with Dave, Don Rickles and Paul Shafer”