Indiana Music: Bill Wilson – Album Reissue – “Ever Changing Minstrel”

billwilsonOne night in February, 1973,  Indiana folk rock legend Bill Wilson was a 25 year-old musician looking for a break. So he drove to Nashville and knocked on the kitchen door of producer Bob Johnston, the guy who had produced Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde on Blonde albums, and Johnny Cash’s at Folsom Prison and I Walk the Line records

What happened after that is murky, beautiful and puzzling.

According to the liner notes of Wilson’s debut album, Johnston answered the door to find Wilson standing there, saying “I’m Bill Wilson and I want to make a record.”

“Well, you came to the wrong house,” Johnson answered. “You can’t just show up and make a fucking record.”

“Will you listen to one song?” asked Wilson.

“One song,” said Johnston.

A Vietnam vet who hung around in the Austin scene, Wilson’s spark must have been evident to Johnston, because the producer let the singer in, allowed him to play, and as legend has it – there are no official notes that confirm it – rounded up many of the guys who played on Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde to record Ever Changing Minstrel in one night.

The remastered (from the original tapes) album is now reissued by Tompkins Square with rare photographs, notes by reissue producer and Tompkins Square label owner Josh Rosenthal. “I bought the original album for a quarter at a record store in Berkeley, California in January 2012,” Rosenthal says. “I had never seen it before. I worked at Sony for 15 years, and thought I knew the catalog pretty thoroughly. I loved it and worked out a license with Sony We’ve almost sold through our first press. We can probably sell a few thousand around the world,” Rosenthal says.

Originally released on Windfall Records (an major imprint of CBS/Columbia at the time) in 1973, the tracks laid down are a time capsule of the Nashville-Dylan hybrid of folk rock from the early 1970s Folk rock framed by piano, filled with airy drums, kept gritty with some surprisingly dirty guitar lines and, just because that’s what was happening at the time, includes Elvis-inspired gospel backup vocals. Lyric-driven ballads backed by session pros and swampy, Memphis-like singer/songwriter soul cuts; the sound of Dylan, Jerry Jeff Walker and Joe South.

As it happened, Columbia Records was changing management when the record came out and Wilson, the singer-songwriter from Indiana, suddenly wasn’t a priority. The record faded away. It doesn’t make the record any less thrilling. Instead, there a mystical quality to the music. How does this fall through the cracks? And how many other talented musicians suffered the same circumstances?

“Rainy Day Resolution” talks of “singing this song of freedom,”, and “Pay Day Giveway” is highlighted by Clapton-esque guitar lines and rolling blasts of words that give the verses a “Blinded By The Light” feel.

It’s a revealing glimpse of the early, fire-is-burning Wilson, who still holds a legendary place among the cult of Hoosier folk rock affecianados. A Central Indiana influence for 20 years of songwriters, he spent more time playing clubs, coffee houses and lounges than he did pursuing another record deal. He struck one more time as a songwriter, co-writing “Sultans of Swing” for Dire Straits. He later told an audience that he bought a truck with the money he made off the song after it became a hit.

“To Rebecca” is a beautiful slow build slice of acoustic guitars, while one of the best cuts is “Father Let Your Light Shine Down, straight out of the Saturday night gospel barns; inspirational church music cut from the musical cloth o”f south. “Following My Lord” carries forward the subtle theme of looking for faith that rides through the record.

The title cut sounds like it could have come the same hazy dawn that inspired Kristofferson to write “Sunday Morning Comin’ Down.” The set’s closer, “Monday Morning Strangers,” pulls out a “sleepy sidewalk pushes on” line that furthers that connection, with the loniliness of Sunday replaced by a “whenever Monday morning rolls around.” Added bonus: the track contains one of the juiciest Allman Brothers-like guitar solos unearthed in a long time.

After the debut, Wilson went on to record more independent albums, including Made in the USA (1982) and Talking to Stars (1977). His final album, Traction in the Rain, came out a year before his death. “Indianasong” from that album revealed how good Wilson was at what he did, all those years later. He had grown into a John Prine-like performer, and that genius is part of what makes this reissue sweet and beautiful and sad. He was really good.

A massive heart attack claimed Wilson’s life in November of 1993, while he was in Nashville visiting a friend.

Website: Bill Wilson tribute site
Website: Tompkins Square record label

Interview: Bob Johnston interviewed about Bill Wilson and the recording of the album –   Nashville Scene – September , 2012

Interview: Indiana guitarist (John Prine) and singer/songwriter Jason Wilber and WFHB radio’s (Bloomington) Program Director Jim Manion talk about Bill Wilson – from Wilber’s “In Search of a Song” interview series/sho

Bob Dylan’s band regains guitarist Charlie Sexton; see vintage live Charlie video

Bob Dylan opened a three-night run in LA Tuesday night – and we mention because one of our favorite guitar slingers, Charlie Sexton, is back in his band. Ah, we remember little Charlie when he was only 17 and playing bars and clubs, promoting his “Beats So Lonely” record way back in 1986. Saw him at a little dive in Toledo called Kip’s West. Short show (about an hour) and he and the band played everything off that record. But we could tell he had the guitar goods. He’s matured into one of the best guitar players out of Austin, TX, which a damn good feat.
read about the show from
Bob Dylans’ Setlist
“Gonna Change My Way of Thinking”
“Shooting Star”
“Beyond Here Lies Nothin’”
“Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right”
“Cold Irons Bound”
“Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine)”
“My Wife’s Home Town”
“Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again”
“High Water (for Charlie Patton)”
“I Feel a Change Comin’ On”
“Highway 61 Revisited”
“Nettie Moore”
“Thunder on the Mountain”
“Ballad of a Thin Man”
“Like a Rolling Stone”
“All Along the Watchtower”

Here’s a vintage video. 
Two notes: a young David Grissom is on guitar in the band. Those are two of the best of their generation to come out of the Austin scene.  And here they are in the same band.  Secondly.  Charlie’s hair.  These days, he’s aged into a good looking rock star, but here?  It’s the 80’s, man.

Roots Rock: Mellencamp, Earle Announce Tours; Three Gotta-See Videos; plus Twang News

Rocking at the Crump Theatre, Mellencamp delivered with 90 minutes of sweaty roots rock.
Rocking here at the Crump Theatre in Columbus last fall, Mellencamp is headed out on the road with Dylan and Willie this summer.

John Mellencamp Q&A: on Willie, Bob and a New Album:
Mellencamp hits stages this summer on a bill with Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson, playing outdoor venues and lots of minor league baseball stadiums, including Louisville and South Bend. (What? No Victory Field in Indy?) I think it’ll be one of the surprise hits of the summer, if you can call those three together drawing big crowds any kind of surprise. But the non-traditional rock venues and the trio make it a bit different than a regular “let’s promote the album by ourselves at 3,000 seat theatres” outing.
From the John Mellencamp website (

Q: What are your feelings about the tour?
JM: I grew up listening to Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson! Their songs and records were in my house from when I was pre-teen. So I’m really proud and happy to be on tour with these two artists. Very few people get to grow up and go out and tour with guys they’ve admired for so long.

Q: What can you say about your part of the show?
JM: We’re going out there with the full band and we’ll be playing material from over the past 30 years–a combination of new and old material including songs from “Life Death Love and Freedom” and songs that haven’t been recorded yet. We’ll be playing for about 75 minutes each night.

Q: Any chance you’ll perform with the other guys?
JM: If it happens, it will happen organically.

Q: You perform regularly with Willie at Farm Aid. When was the last time you performed with Dylan?
JM: Bob was going to play a flood relief benefit in St. Louis with me in the early 1990s but we got flooded out, so this is really the first time since the original Farm Aid that we’ll be on the same bill.

Q: You’re still planning to record a new album during the tour?
JM: Yes. We’ll be recording the new album on days off over the course of the tour. It just seemed like a good idea to do it this way: It gives the making of the album a new perspective and context–and it’s something I’ve never done before. I’ve gone into Belmont Studio for the last 30 years to make records, and this is another way to do it.

Q: What about the box set?
JM: It will be a broad overview of my songwriting, and it will be much more about the writing than about the hit records or the versions of songs you may be familiar with.

Q: And what about your participation in the Pete Seeger birthday celebration concert in New York?
JM: You have to admire Pete for persevering for 90 years! He’s the last of the great original American folk singers and has written or performed so many great songs. For just about all of his life, Pete Seeger has stood up for humanity, freedom and the environment.

Austin City Limits announced its Festival line-up, to be held Oct. 2-4 at Zilker Park in Austin, Texas. The 130-acts that will be spread across eight stages during the three-day festival. Here’s are the highlights of the bookings  – includes Indy’s Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band:
Pearl Jam
Dave Matthews Band
Beastie Boys
Kings of Leon
Sonic Youth
Ben Harper
Reverend Payton’s Big Damn Band
Flogging Molly
The Decemberists
The B-52’s
Levon Helm Band
Raul Malo
Arctic Monkeys
Sara Watkins
Lily Allen
Robyn Hitchcock
Todd Snider
Zac Brown Band
The Avett Brothers
The Felice Brothers
Brett Dennen
Poi Dog Pondering
Asleep at the Wheel
The Virgins
Reckless Kelly

indiana_telecaster_flag150As part of this gig, I come across (and get sent) lots of music from bands and artists who live here in the great Hoosierland.  Lots of it is really good.  I want to share.  So for the next  eight weeks, we will give you a series called Indiana Americana.  A two sentence description and a song that represents what they do best.  Turn it up.. That’s the intention here…  

artist: Gamblin Christmas |  album: Alaska | song: Blue Lights
Gamblin Christmas is Patrick Flaherty and Kurt Franke, harmonizers and folk rockers from Indianapolis… both are Ball State grads…The Alaska album was recorded in Michigan…”Blue Lights” is the one on the album that I cannot get out of my head….best thing on the record, and cut #1. 

Former Wilco member Jay Bennett filed a lawsuit against Wilco-frontman Jeff Tweedy. The suit, filed in Cook County Circuit Court, claims Tweedy owes Bennett “damages of at least $50,000” for his time in the band. Bennett was out of the band after the 2002 Wilco documentary, “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart”. Bennett was a key part of the Wilco rise, and it’s all kind of a shame, even after Bennett was looking less than heroic in the film.

Jerry Lee Lewis has been honored with a road. The Tennessee legislature voted to name a stretch of Getwell Road in Shelby County, now called Jerry Lee Lewis Highway. The section runs from the Mississippi state line to Interstate 240. – Good for “the Killer”, although I did like the alternate name suggested on somone’s blog that I read: Their suggestion? “I Humped My Cousin Highway”

Steve Earle, whose new album of Townes Van Zandt songs has arrived in stores, is set to hit the road later this month.
Earle new record “Townes,” comes out May 12. Look for a Bloomington date to be added.
May 28 The Music Hall Portsmouth, NH
May 29 Berklee Performance Center Boston, MAw
May 30 Swyer Theatre/The Egg Albany, NY
June 2 SOPAC South Orange, NJe
June 4 McCarter Theatre Princeton, NJ
June5 Wolf Trap Filene Center Vienna, VA John Prine w/Special Guest: Steve Earle
June 6 Paramount Theater Charlottesville, VA
June 7 Chuck Mathena Center for the Performing Arts Princeton, VA
June 9 The National Richmond, VA
June 10 The ArtsCenter Carrboro, NC
June 12 Atlanta Botanical Garden Atlanta, GA
June 13 Fine Arts Auditorium – Armstrong Atlantic State University Savannah, GA
June 14 Florida Theatre Jacksonville, FL
July 22 Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua Bayfield, WI
July 25 RockyGrass Lyons, CO
August 1 Constellation Performing Arts Center Canandaigua, NY
August 2 Susquehanna Bank Center Camden, NJ
September 6 Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center Westhampton, NY

A new album that contains some sounds we like….
Tim Easton – Porcupine
Review by Hal Horowitz
The “1-2-3-4” that kicks off Tim Easton’s fifth album (and fourth for New West) indicates the folk-rocker is more in the rock rather than folk mode here. He doesn’t consider it a return to his rawer roots but it’s hard not to see it that way. There is a strong Midwestern rock and roll vibe throughout, augmented by some unexpected musical twists (strings, backing female vocals), honed through the vibrant performances created with few overdubs.
Read Review here

→ Excellent James McMurtry video for “Ruby and Carlos” from his new album “just us kids”, performed at 89.7 WNKU, a terrific public radio station at Northern Kentucky University, with a signal that hits the Cincy area. They have the full podcast available by visiting their website at < a href=””>

→ And just for fun, here is Will Kimbrough in their studios. Again, great combo of video and audio.

→ Can I get me some Webb Wilder? Who remembers the “Human Cannonball” song? Clearly quirky yet oddly engaging and obviously loving the performance, here’s a live video reminder of his magic. He’s still out, rocking the road, as evidenced here:

Bassist Donald “Ean” Evans of Lynyrd Skynyrd died after a battle with cancer. Evans died Wednesday at his home in Mississippi. He was 48. He joined Lynyrd Skynyrd in 2001 and had been touring regularly with the band until being diagnosed with cancer in 2008.

Dylan and Mellencamp Announce Tour, plus Old Crow, WhoaTiger! and Drive-By Truckers

»New Old Crow Medicine Show video for “Caroline” from the Tennessee Pusher album
watch it here

»Chuck Mead, the co-founder of the former band BR549 will release a new album, Journeyman’s Wager, on May 12.

»The New Bluegrass: Five Acts to Watch: From
Legends Del McCoury and Sam Bush weigh in on Old Crow, Avett Brothers, O’Death and more
read story here

»The folks over at have a post about Whoa!Tiger. Guitar-driven pop/rock/blues. They have some dates at Locals Only on the calendar. Worth a listen.
read article here
Listen to music here

DBTLive at Paste – Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
The former Drive-By Trucker doing an acoustic performance of “The Blue” live in the Paste Magazine studio. The cut is from their self-titled sophomore release that came out in February.
watch video here

»Drive-By Truckers leader Patterson Hood will release his second solo album, Murdering Oscar (and other love songs), on June 23.

The most accessible (though derivative) thing that Pricnce has done in a long time is his new “Crimson Clover” (his variation of the title) on one of his new albums released this spring. He melds Tommy James and the Shondells with The Troggs to create a nicely done cover hybrid. And he appeared on Ellen (!) to play it. So let’s go to the video. (For the record, I like this version…)

I’M DIGGIN…Pandora Radio on the web
Pretty simple. Create your own music mix by entering artists and titles, and they make a streaming “radio station” for you. It’s on now as I am writing. Rob’s Roots Rock Radio. It’s quite good, I must say. When I created it, I believe I entered The Bottle Rockets, Bruce Springsteen and The Del Fuegos as core artists and everything was based on similar artists and styles. Since then, I’ve added J. Geils Band, John Eddie, Dan Baird, WIll Hoge, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Chuck Berry, Bob Seger and the Bodeans.

It is streamed at 128kbp, so the sound is about like FM. I like it better than, a similar site. Listening just now, it moved into a classic rocker bender and I heard cut from the J. Geils’ mediocre Love Stinks album, “The Joker” from Steve Miller, a live “Running on Empty” from Jackson Browne and CCR’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” with a gorgeous Hammond B’3 coming through that I hadn’t always heard. But then went more alt-country Bottle Rockets, Uncle Tupelo and then served up a band called Prisonshake.

You can’t rewind. Catch them as they fly by. Fast forward to the next tune if you want. No commercials. Try it if you haven’t. And if they woud just make it possible to upload your own audio pieces and really start to allow users to make it their own, then it would earn my coveted “Best Thing Ever” stamp of approval. It is just shy of that designation now .
hear Rob’s Roots Radio

Called “An uncanny tribute to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, featuring Matt Ryan and American Dream” on their website, the band comes to the Bluebird in Bloomington May 13th and the Vogue in Indy on May 14th. I can’t ever remember a Springsteen tribute band coming through here. I have watched their video online. I think it could be fun for Bruce fans. A band playing a couple hours of Springsteen is OK with me anytime.
watch preview video

Robert Zimmerman»Lengthy and excellent Bob Dylan interview online. He talks about his favorite songwriters, and namechecks John Prine, Jimmy Buffett(!) and more. Check out the dates below…he will play in South Bend and Louisville, if you arew looking for the nearest shows.
read article here
Bob Dylan’s Ballpark Tour Dates:
Bob Dylan has just announced  a new lineup for this year’s summer concert tour. Along with Willie Nelson, this summer, The Bob Dylan Show will also feature John Mellencamp, marking just the second time in the past 24 years that these three performers have shared the concert stage.
Mellencamp: “We’re going out there with the full band and we’ll be playing material from over the past 30 years–a combination of new and old material including songs from Life Death Love and Freedom and songs that haven’t been recorded yet. We’ll be playing for about 75 minutes each night.”
7/2, Sauget, IL (GCS Ballpark)
7/4, South Bend, IN (Coveleski Stadium)
7/8, Louisville, KY (Louisville Slugger Field)
7/10, Dayton, OH (Fifth Third Field)
7/11, Eastlake, OH (Classic Park)
7/13, Washington, PA (Consol Energy Park)
7/14, Allentown, PA (Coca-Cola Park)
7/15, New Britain, CT (New Britain Stadium)
7/19, Syracuse, NY (Alliance Bank Stadium)
7/21, Pawtucket, RI (McCoy Stadium)
7/23, Lakewood, NJ (FirstEnergy Park)
7/24, Aberdeen, MD (Ripken Stadium)
7/25, Norfolk, VA (Harbor Park)
7/28, Durham, NC (Durham Bulls Athletic Park)
7/29, Sevierville, TN (Smokies Park)
8/4, Round Rock, TX (The Dell Diamond)
8/5, Corpus Christi, TX (Whataburger Field)
8/7, Grand Prairie, TX (QuikTrip Park)
8/11, Glendale, AZ (Camelback Ranch)
8/12, Las Vegas, NV (Cashman Field)
8/14, Fresno, CA (Chukchansi Park)
8/15, Stockton, CA (Banner Island Ballpark)

Rock and Roll into April – Rock Hall on Fuse, The Elms, The Hold Steady, Album Releases

Hey. How’s it goin? Here’s some stuff you might want to know:

100x115fuseThe 24th Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be broadcast live on FUSE Television Network Saturday night. The performer inductees are: Jeff Beck, Little Anthony & the Imperials, Metallica, Run-D.M.C. and Bobby Womack. Wanda Jackson gets in through the Early Influence category. The Sidemen Category inductees are two of Elvis’ early bandmates, Bill Black and DJ Fontana, plus Muscle Shoals keyboardist Spooner Oldham, who played on, among many other songs, “When a Man Loves a Woman” by Percy Sledge and “Mustang Sally” by Wilson Pickett .

elmsguitarThe Elms Wrap Up Recording
I got sucked into the oddity and thrilling surprises of Seymour, Indiana’s The Elms. They streamed two different cams (one in the the control room with the biig mixing board, and one in the actual recording studio) and spent about three weeks, mostly Monday to Friday with an occasional weekend evening tossed in. They laid down basic trakcs, overdubbed guitar solos, saved some some killer Owen Thomas double-tracked lead vocals and even rolled in a Hammond B3 on the final weekend to lay down steamy, soulful keyboard chords. We should give them credit; nobody threw a whiskey bottle through the control room window, and there were no fistfights (that I saw). Instead, they are going to have a sweet and nasty little album to release in a few months. It was recorded in Nashville, and Owen, Chris, Thom and Nate have tracked what sounds like a fine batch of heartland rock-infused, completely modern tunes. Will be interesting to see what the final pressing sounds like, but was guilty fun to watch develop. And from the recording session wrap, they loaded up and played SXSW.
Read the play-by-play via Thom’s blog here

Best Show of the Year?
We’ll see. It’s The Hold Steady at Jake’s in Bloomington on Saturday night. They are on a major roll, and the college town gets the show. Lucky kids. Worth the drive from Indy.

ryanadamsThrough the greatness that is the web, l have located a bootleg file of Ryan Adams & The Cardinals’  “last performance”. He announced on January 14th that he was done (only for now, me thinks) with music. You see, he just got married to Mandy Moore. He’s known to change his ond quickly, so we’ll see how long he can stay away from the microphones. Anyway, we have below what could be his last show, from March 20 at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, Georgia.
Download zip file of show here

Steve Forbert (best known for 1979’s “Romeo’s Tune”) has a new one this week, “The Place and the Time”.

→ The Felice Brothers are one of the hot bands in roots rock., and have a new album “Yonder Is The Clock” out on April 7th. Lovely gravel with the sweetness of a great band playing old instruments….they are headed on tour and come as close as Louisville, at Headliners on April 24.
Here’s a new tune:
Download “Chicken Run” | Hear “Penn Station” and “The Big Surprise”

Bob Mould releases his new solo album “Life And Times” on April 7th.

Booker T. meets the Drive-By Truckers, and new album comes out of it….
“Potato Hole,” Booker’s new album, comes out April 21. I think this thing will be way cool, thanks to layers of guitar from the Truckers and old buddy Neil Young, who plays on nine tracks. Like classic Booker T. & the MG’s albums, “Potato Hole” is instrumentals, including covers Tom Waits’ “Get Behind the Mule” and OutKast’s “Hey Ya!” Booker performs with the Truckers at three of this summer’s major concerts: Coachella, Bonnaroo and the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.
read more

Bob Dylan releases his 46th album on April 28th called “Together Through Life”.
download “Beyond Here Lies Nothing”

The Smithereens celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Who’s Tommy by cashing in, uh, creating their own version of the rock opera. “The Smithereens Play Tommy” will hit stores and the Internet on May 5.

Elvis Costello’s newest album, “Secret, Profane & Sugarcane,” has him visiting an American roots music sound for the first time in about 20 years. “Sugarcane” will be released June 2 on Hear Music.


My ipod is on shuffle and here’s the first five songs that come up:
1. “Rumbleseat” – John Mellencamp
Quick little underrated rocker off of Scarecrow. And that’s the album, argue it if you want, that really is the roots-rock/alt-country/americana holy grail. Sure, talk about Gram Parsons and the rest if you like, but the combination of regionalized lyrics, slashing guitars, Kenny Aronoff snare smashes and chart success make this the album that influenced a whole generation of guitar-slinging, lyric-writing cowpunks.

2. “Help Me” – Johnny Cash
What a voice. And what words. “Oh Lord, help me walk another mile. Oh Lord, help me smile another smile” From his “American V: A Hundred Highways” record, this marked the end to his recording career, and was another great vocal recording effort from producer Rick Rubin. Just John’s by-then creaky voice and ruminations on dying. Heavy and brilliant and sad.

3. Sweet Caroline” – Supersuckers
From a bootleg from 2004, this outfit is a Seattle country punk rock band that has never really become as well-known as some less-talented counterparts. I saw them on a Farm Aid show (Lousiville, maybe?) and thought they were eerily similar to Jason and the Scorchers, but a little less accessible, if that could be possible. This cut is from an acoustic show, and is a fast shuffling take on the overdone Neil Diamond song. Thankfully, the audience isn’t heard yelling “bomp bomp bomp”, though I bet they did.
Here’s a video of “That is Rock and Roll” to give you a taste of the ‘suckers

4. ”Let Me Down Hard” (Live)” – John Eddie
From his “Who the Hell is John Eddie” record from about five years ago. That record is one of my ten favorite releases of the past decade. It’s is a slow burning love song to a girl who is about to dump his ass. He writes great hook-filled country-rock tunes, with enough pop sugar to make this record work as a great statement that a rocker at 40 can be viable, even if he is selling records to just his small collection of rabid fans. Was played on WTTS, so give them credit for having a clue. By the way, “Lowlife” from this record ended up on Kid Rock’s most recent records. And the song “Forty” is the hero of the album.

5. ”Itsalwayssomething” (live) – Rick Springfield
A 1999 catchy rocker taken here from a live greatest hits record. And here’s why you should like Rick Springfield: The “Working Class Dog” album from 1981 is a power pop classic. And who’s to say “no way”? If it’s you, then you aren’t listening to the music and just hammering the soap opera image. Listen again. Plus, us guys who went to a concert knew the chicks outnumbered the dudes by a 10-1 ratio. Nice. His output is hit-and-miss these days, but he is still capable of a catchy tune with every album.

MP3 4U- Favorite Bootleg of the Week:
Todd Snider – Viva Satellite Demos
Awesome. Freakin’ awesome. It was 1998 and Todd Snider released Viva Satellite, getting mildly ripped by critics for trying to sound like Tom Petty. I think they missed the pure Chuck Berry-ness of the music because the volume might have masked some of Todd’s lyrics, and all sounded a bit derivative. That’s what I think. And I also think those who couldn’t find the greatness were idiots for writing that (even it was just 2 or 3 reviews that I am remembering. Don’t stop me, I’m on a rant…) And there’s many who would say, and it would be damn difficult to argue, that his career has blossomed because of his non-stop solo tours since breaking up the band. But if I’m voting (and I am, and win 1-0), this is the Todd Snider I fell in love with and that is still best. More like stoned-not-drunk Replacements than just Petty, there’s 16 tracks on the bootleg I have linked to for you, and nearly every one of those 16 rock. Most feature Will Kimbrough’s ripping guitar work (check his “Americanitis” album for a recent whiff of his smokin’ brilliance) and most all sound like a band that has the amps up and the lights down. This is Todd and the Nervous Wrecks at their studio rockin’ best – though the would splinter after the tour for this album. I also think this demo version is better than the official release.
Thanks to for the MP3 blog post.
I’m sharing it… you need to take it. – get it here

Alison Krauss and Robert Plant- “I’m In The Mood”

Motown drummer Uriel Jones, whose hard-driving funk propelled classic tunes by the Temptations and Marvin Gaye, died in a Michigan hospital after suffering complications from a heart attack, a family member said. He was 74.