Peter Wolf Pt. II

I wrote a piece on J. Geils frontman and solo roots-rocker Peter Wolf that we posted yesterday.  Today, I came across a really good 9-minute interview he did last week on Boston TV.  Great stories about his new album, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, about Springsteen, and about the first concert Wolf ever saw. #jgeils @springsteen

VIDEO – “Louie Louie” – Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band – live in Charlotte – 4.19.14

Embed from Getty Images

I’m gonna call it the greatest version of the roadhouse/garage rock classic “Louie Louie” since The Kingsmen did it.  Bruce turns in a marvelously slurred vocal, a wicked and raw solo, and mines his inner Joe Strummer throughout.  The other videos from this show from somewhereinjersey75 are really good and worth investigating because the show looks like it was the best of the US dates so far in 2014.