PODCAST: Ep. 33 – Remembering the Brilliance – and the Chaos – of Jerry Lee Lewis

The passing of Jerry Lee Lewis signifies the passing of one of the few remaining architects of rock and roll. That piano and that voice, recorded in a way that sounds like dim light, beers, AM radio rock and roll, cigarette smoke, and always the underlying idea that a fight might break out.  He made music filled with gospel roots, country music, piano boogie woogie, fire, preaching, loving, sexing, and edge-of-explosion rock and roll. 

We dig into his career and find the rockabilly beginnings.  The rock and roll detonation.  The country hits.  The duets and collaborators.  And the attitude.  Always the attitude.  A flawed, brilliant, scarred, self-destructed, monumental life in music. 

That was the Killer.