Rock Pop and Roll Radio Show: Show #4 – Digging into the Power Pop Rock and Roll


Let’s rock the power pop on this show with lost tracks and the great history of some of the bands and songs that blasted out of radios, and boom boxes, and lived on vinyl and cassettes.  In our Spotify-exclusive radio show, It’s a deep dive into some of the tunes that still sound good today.   Dave Edmunds, Brinsley Schwarz, Phil Seymour, Blink 182, Marshall Crenshaw, Donnie Iris, and more. Turn it up.

(If you are a Spotify Premium subscriber, you will hear the entire songs and show. On free Spotify, you’ll hear the full stories of the songs and :30 pieces of each tune.)

We have a podcast too. Find it at all the podcast stops. Heard it? We have run a bit more than 30 episodes deep, and a great way find the sounds of the 1980’s (and other decades too. Just having a little fun…) and what they really meant to music- and us. Just wrapped up a three-part fun little examination of the sounds of Minneapolis, with a theory of how Prince could draw on soo many influences to do what he did. The Replacements, Soul Asylum, and Husker Du were three of many great guitar rock and roll bands from there. What made that happen?


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