PODCAST: The Other Minneapolis Sound (part 2) – Americana, Pop Punk, and Rock and Roll

There are sounds and bands and vibes tied to big cities like zydeco drums and street sounds of New Orleans, the funk and gloss of the Motown Sound of Detroit, and the stew of garage rock into new wave that was Boston.  Like the swampy soul of Memphis, the sound of the 90’s grunge and alternative rock in Seattle, and the 60’s and 70’s groove and soul with Philadelphia.

There is a significant Minneapolis influence of the americana roots rock sound of the 1980s and into the 90s.  

There was a sound of Minneapolis that was not just Prince. What he became was a product of the multicultural melting pot of music that may have been prevalent in other cities, midwest or not.  But by some confluence of events and karma, there was a steady flow of bands that rocked and called Minneapolis home

This rock pop and roll podcast is part two of the series on Minneapolis’ unique sound and a primer of some of the best and most influential – because of commercial success or integrity  – or both.  Every city has a thousand musical stories.  This is one city and a some of those bands and stories.

Part 1 – Prince and Minneapolis


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