PODCAST: Taylor Hawkins and The Foo Fighters – Only Rock and Roll?

On the weekend we recorded this, Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins died. He was 50.  

People are fans.  We aren’t friends.  If it feels awful or heart wrenching to fans, know his friends feel it harder and bigger and sadder.

I’m a superfan of what the Foo Fighters represent. The fervor of how they play rock and roll. The satisfaction and pride they seem to feel when they are doing what they do. The Spirit of the Foo Fighters.  What he brought to them.  The fun.  The wow.  The fanboy love of rock and roll, played in the pocket and as the engine to the band.

They’ve played all the Queen covers and Rush covers and all the covers tackled from all the bands.  The Foos love music and are students of the hazy 70s and rock and pop MTV 80s. They remember where they were when the rock and roll hit the radio the first time. It would come out in a show.

The spirit of the Foo Fighters. It’s different now.   Even though they say it’s only rock and roll, it’s not.

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