The Joshua Tree is 35 years old. Why it was so great and why that still matters.

Who truly, really were the king of rock and roll bands of the 1980s. I can’t say no to U2. Who was the best and biggest and most consistent rock band of the 1980s?  That’s a question that was banging around my head. 

So we made a podcast. On this anniversary of the great Joshua Tree album, we dig into the band and the album and try to figure out they rocked.

Originally titled The Two AmericasThe Joshua Tree dove into what America meant to them – and also to the have and have-nots of our society. It was a peek at the trying to understand the spiritual identity of who we were as a country.

April 2, 1987 was the first show of the tour, in Tempe, Arizona, and the ASU Activity Center. U2 returned to Tempe to close out the tour in December, 1987, the biggest band in the world. They brought filmmakers and were making the Rattle & Hum documentary. Moving to Sun Devil Stadium and the 70,000 fans, they had arrived, big-time.

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