VIDEO: Bob Seger humbles everyone watching “The Voice”

If you haven’t seen the video of Bob Seger on “The Voice”, check it out here.  Like American Idol, the music competition show invites guests to perform with the contestants.

This video has been circulating for a while, but worth a look to hear a old rock and roller absolutely kill it with a pair of newbies (Swon Brothers) who are not bad if they stay out of Rascal Flatts territory.  We don’t need another falsetto country lite band, right?  And they seemed geeked to be sitting by Seger – as they should be.

“Night Moves” (though a  truncated version) is done proud.  And the backing band will be a nice surprise.  Some killer B3 organ and a damn good cover band version of the song for Seger and the kids to sing.  Just wonder if anyone in the audience had a clue that the Michigan legend was in fine voice and probably the best rocker/musician/guest they will hear all season.



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