Brand new Bruce…

wrecking ball - bruce springsteenBrand new Bruce Springsteen song released today.  “We Take Care of Our Own” is from the upcoming (March 6) album Wrecking Ball. You can get the song at Amazon as a download, or watch the video/hear the audio here.

Don’t want to say too much yet; listen for yourself and we’ll discuss later. Yet I will say there is a pop music gleam to this one, while retaining the core of Springsteen’s brilliance – gospel, majestic and hopeful music, tinged with some anger. More info on the release and new producer Ron Aniello here.


  • We Take Care of Our Own
  • Easy Money
  • Shackled and Drawn
  • Jack of All Trades
  • Death to My Hometown
  • This Depression
  • Wrecking Ball
  • You’ve Got It
  • Rocky Ground
  • Land of Hope and Dreams
  • We Are Alive
  • two bonus tracks

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