Truth and Salvage Co. back to Indy this weekend with Avett’s Bros.

While it is the Avett Brothers who will sell the tickets and most will come to see Saturday night The  Lawn at White River State Park, openers Truth & Salvage Co. continue to forge forward with their neo-americana rock, getting set to jump into a tour that finds them opening for th Avett’s in Chicago and Indy before launching their own club tour. It will stretch into November, and is a road dog special, including an early run of 11 shows in 12 days.

I’m an unabashed fan; what they do is what I love about music. It is American rock and roll, much like The Band (yeah, mostly Canadiens) made in their day. Back porch-with-amps rock and roll.

Hear their session

***When I talked to Tim Jones, one of T&S’s main singers and songwriters, before one of his Indy gigs last year, the former Old Pike frontman talked of what the Avett Brothers and his group have in common.

“We’re definitely a rock and roll band, but we all love country music,” Jones said. “It’s the same with the Avett Brothers. They’re crossing over to a huge amount of country people. There’s part of the Nashville community that is resistant to it. I’d love to be the band that people who love Dave Matthews and who love Vampire Weekend love us too.”

Truth and Salvage has been hitting Indy with regularity: four shows in less than two years, including a recent set at Rib America over Labor Day weekend. They return to Indy again on November 4 for a show at the Vogue.

Jones, the Indiana boy in the band, ensures the California band will continue to make the trek.

“I was playing Indianapolis bars when I was 16 years old. I am still living this life. And it just feels good,” he said.

So get to White River State Park early , and see the openers.

Even after the shorter set, they are a hidden little musical gem of a band that you won’t forget.

“When everything lines up right and you feel like you’re doing what you’re supposed to do and what you want to do, all at the same time,” Jones said,”That’s a pretty good moment.”

Review from 2011 Radio Radio show

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