Indiana Music: catching up with Gene Deer

For nine straight years, from 1995-2003, Gene Deer was voted the Best Local Blues Band by readers of NUVO. He’s still gigging across Indiana and has a new deal with a local production company. He has plans for a pair of new records, with Paul Mahern producing. Not one to spend a lot of time talking about himself and his local legend status in Indianapolis, we did get Deer to share a bit about his upcoming plans.

ROB: What’s new that we should know?
GENE DEER: I have just signed with Daddy Real entertainment, a high profile production company. I am going to release two CD’s through them and Paul Mahern will be producing. He also produced my first CD Soul Tender. Looking forward to all that for sure.

ROB: What shows coming the rest of the summer that you are looking forward to?
GD: We will headline the Bean Blossom Blues Fest this year on August 26th, and at my solo shows I have been having a very talented fiddle player name Allison Ervine play with me. I would like to say thanks to all who have shown interest in me and or my music. The people of Indy have given me the blessing of music in my life and nothing is taken for granted. I thank God every day for my family, my friends and loved ones and all of the awesome fans that have given me so much love and joy.

ROB: How’s life on the road?
GD: I’m not too concerned with going out on the road much since gas hit the fan a few years back. Instead, it is plenty of gigs close to home. Indianapolis and Indiana have always been very good to me. I have always given my all back every time I play to try and keep up my end of the deal.

ROB: What have you been listening to recently? Any music that excites you?
GD: Wolfmother


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