VIDEO: Butch Walker – Live “Summer of ’89”

What is a Butch Walker?  A nuevo Springsteen?  Bryan Adams?  Beck?  None of the above?  All of them?

Here’s what I think he is:  pop/rock and roll for 2011.  He’s got a new album coming August 30, his second album with the Black Widows, called The Spade.

Below is a live acoustic version of the first single,”Summer of ’89”, a sly rip-off /rewrite and ode to “Summer of ’69″…in the tune, he either makes fun of Adams, pays homage to Adams, or makes fun of himself.  Or maybe all three.

I am digging his live energy, his fun, and the throwback tunes that get nice and loud.  We need pop rock and roll.  Think Bryan adams, Georgia Satellites and a bit of every rock band that loses itself in the music played live on stage. Country music shouldn’t own this genre.  And even if this particluar cut is a bit similar musically to the Dixie Chicks’ “Goodbye Earl”, I am good with it anyway… 

And hang on through the first couple minutes of the video; he calls his parents and it has a pretty good payoff…


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