Seger Hits Indy Saturday – this could be the last time?

On Saturday night (May 7) Bob Seger’s show hits at Conseco Fieldhouse. Watch  (at the end of the post) a video of a “Live Bullet” pairing, taken from Seger’s opening night show in Toledo. Seger says this is probably the last big tour he’ll do, and while the grey hair is prominent and it’s been almost than 50 years (on the road for most of the first 30 of those) since his first Ann Arbor and Detroit hits, the Bob is still rocking. Check out the reverberating performance from Grand Funk Railroad drummer Don Brewer in the video.

Is it cynical to call Seger a grandpa-looking dude onstage? Yes, it is. The songs? C’mon. Is there a classic rock radio artist who has more songs on the radio every day, all over the country? I would place a bet that he gets more airplay these days than either the Beatles or the Stones.

Bob Seger music, argue if you must, has represented that heartland rock/Indiana music sound far longer (and at least as well) than even our own Mellencamp, and the Michigan rocker is still embracing his inner arena rock and roll, road songs soul. Love the Seger.

Now, if only his manager would get the damn music on iTunes, so someone under 30 years-old might find him.

VIDEO: “Travelin’ Man/Beautiful Loser”

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