Bruce on American Idol tonight?

Here’s the big fuzzy buzz on this 4/20:  Time-wasting speculation as to whether Bruce Springsteen will make an appearance on “American Idol” this tonight or Thursday.

The  show, on its official Twitter account, last Friday tweeted: “Holy pride of New Jersey….BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN in the studio right now listening to the idols sing!!!!”

If we are to believe the Twitter post (and why wouldn’t we?  It’s Twitter, dammit), the Boss came in last Friday to discuss some performing tips with the contestants. Was it taped?  Had to have been.  Will we see it? I would bet we will.

Springsteen has a long relationship with Jimmy Iovine that goes back several decades, and Iovine is with Interscope Records, and close to the show. 

And we must never forget that Idol judge Randy Jackson played bass on “Human Touch”, one of the weakest Springsteen albums of his career.

How did it ever take so long?

 The only “huh?” this week is the song selection: Bruce helps out the Idol karaoke singers for “Songs from the 21st Century”. 

Still, he’s a big “get” for the show, and if I were in the Top 7, I’d take that performing advice from Bruce, lock that info deep in my brain, and build a career on it.


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