Todd Snider doesn’t meet Dylan, BoDeans change, and Wilber interviews Pete Best

→ Singer/songwriter and Indianapolis favorite Todd Snider recently wrote a piece about what he would say to Bob Dylan if he met him. Hilarious (and heartfelt) stream of thought. Thought you might like to read… Snider is next scheduled to be in Indiana on September, 17, at the Ferdinand Folk Festival, near Jasper.


→ Another longtime band visitor to Indy, the BoDeans, have made a personel change: Longtime bandmember Bukka Allen, who handled accordian and keyboards for the group, is leaving, and will be replaced by Michael Ramos, the BoDeans’ original keyboard/accordion player. He will be with the band for the rest of 2011. They have a Chicago date this summer, but no announcement for other shows yet.

→ Bloomington guitarist and performer Jason Wilber continues his string of excellent interviews on his “In Search of a Song” radio show. This week, his guest will be the legendary Pete Best, known for being the original drummer of The Beatles. Hear other shows via the archives. Wilbur is in Colorado this week, for a trio of shows with his fulltime band boss, John Prine.

→ When they recorded their new album World Gone Crazy, the Doobie Brothers sounded like, well, typical Doobie Brothers – harmonies, guitars and two drummers. Then, the title tune began getting airplay on country radio. “We were hoping someone could explain that to us,” singer-guitarist Tom Johnston said in a recent interview.

Still out on the road three decades later, the Doobies will close the summer here in Indianapolis, as they play the Saturday night (Sept. 3) headline spot at the Rib America Festival in Indianapolis.

Johnston said he grew nervous when the Doobies recently played Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry, often called the Mother Church of Country Music. Read full story

One thought on “Todd Snider doesn’t meet Dylan, BoDeans change, and Wilber interviews Pete Best

  1. I have recurring dreams I will someday meet, not Bob, but Mr. Todd Snider. What would I say to Todd Snider? “Hello, Mr. Snider, nice to meet you.” And then I would shake his hand. And then probably say something stupid. That would be the end of that conversation!
    Todd Snider and the Nervous Wrecks played Reno a few years ago. It ranks as #3 of my all-time favorite concerts.

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