NYC 80’s roots-rockers The Del-Lords recording new album

In the 80’s, The Del-Lords, roots-rockers from NYC, fused an electric mix of rock, rockabilly and East Coast country music. They carried the story further with energetic live shows. And now, 25 years after their kinda-heydey, they’ve released “Under Construction”, an EP of the rough mixes from their new album, presented as a work-in-progress. (find it on their website).

Produced by Eric “Roscoe” Ambel (who is cool if only for his work with Dan Baird and The Bottle Rockets – but he’s also a founding member of the Del-Lords), the project is one of dozens that Ambel has been working on. He posted the band links to hear his work on his website.

You like alt-country with a twang and rocket-fueled rock and roll? Then Ambel is your guy.

The Del-Lords reformed earlier this year for two shows in the northeast, a show at the Ambel’s neighborhood Lakeside Lounge in NYC and then did a seven-city tour of Spain.

from 1990

Eric Ambel’s Website
Bands that he produced this year
Mark McKay- Dakota Dust
Patrick McGrath- When Black Is Blue
Tyne Darling- The Secret November,
Mic Harrison & The High Score- Great Commotion
Chris Barron & The Time Bandits-Songs From The Summer of Sangria
Kasey Anderson- Nowhere Nights
Chip Robinson: Mylow
The Bottle Rockets- Lean Forward
The New Heathens- Hello Disaster
The Jack Fords- The Way Things Should Be

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