Hey, the Beatles really matter; plus Shea Stadium ’65 video

Let me give full disclosure: I went to see a thing called the Classical Mystery Tour last Friday night just outside of Indianapolis.  It is essentially a Beatles cover band and the orchestra playing Beatles music. The title is a play on the Beatles “Magical Mystery Tour” and features a Beatlemania-type band (in fact, this tour draws from alums of that stage tour) and normally they play with the symphony orchestra from whatever town the show is in.

The night I saw them, there was no orchestra.  It was at Conner Prairie, which is about an 8,000 seat natural bowl space.  It was filled up. If you’ve been, you know it is also about bringing the table, the lawn chair, some good food and some wine or beer.  Great vibe.

But it was one of the rare stops on this band’s 30 date (or so) schedule that didn’t have an orchestra joining them.  I didn’t figure that out until I got there and saw no orchestra.  Oops.  How good can fake Beatles be, just themselves, a huge bandshell, and a field full of people socializing and eating amidst  echoes of the the sound of the British Invasion.

Pretty damn good, is what they were.  They did two sets – an hour apiece –  dressed in Beatle suits for the first half, playing 1963-66 tunes.  After break, they came out dressed like they just jumped out of pictures you see from the Abbey Road  era, and played anything after Sgt. Pepper, including songs from that record. Continue reading “Hey, the Beatles really matter; plus Shea Stadium ’65 video”