New Prince Album: Hear the 80’s throwback

OK. Here’s the deal. Last weekend, Prince (the Purple one, from Minneapolis – we really want to like his music, but he makes it so damn difficult) released his new album, 20Ten , in the U.K. – given away for free by newspapers (!) The Daily Mirror and The Daily Record.

I had read two blog posts about the new record, and how it really was a throwback to his 80’s sound.


So I went on a search for tracks that we could listen to. And I found them. The whole album – on demand, online. Not sure how long it will be available, so take a listen while you can. There are no current plans for a US release.

Here’s what Prince has done: He has taken the drum sample/hand clap that was the hallmark of his early and mid-career songs, from “Controversy” all the way through “Raspberry Beret”, and used them on the new record. Sneaky simple. Follow the link and listen; could have been recorded 25 years ago. It is pop Prince all over again, with an 80’s flashback-inducing sound.

→ Listen to Prince – 20Ten


3 thoughts on “New Prince Album: Hear the 80’s throwback

  1. It is a pretty great throwback but with some more mature depth of style. Reminds me more of 1999, which is probably what he’s going for and eluding to in the title.

    That said there needs to be a Top 5 Prince albums list. Rob, I;ll let you start…

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