Larry Crane on New Album, Mellencamp Band Reunion

Not only does Larry Crane bring a new solo record back to Indiana this week, the former John Mellencamp guitar player may soon be prepping a return to the studio with John and the band.

Saturday night’s show at Bloomington’s Buskirk-Chumley Theater promotes the Florida-living Crane’s new album Tropical Depression, and is a chance for reconnection for those who might have lost track of Crane, either when he left Mellencamp, or eventually, the state.

“The show will be a storyteller’s-type vibe,” Larry says. “I will have my guitar player Tony Burton, with me. And then I’ll throw in a few surprises towards the end.”

Back with Mellencamp

As he talks from his Sarasota home, Crane also says the old Mellencamp band may take a stab at creating music as a unit again, 20 years after they ceased making together — other than the subdued Big Daddy record – shortly after the 1987 Lonesome Jubilee tour ended.

If not the creator or co-creator, Crane is at the very least the man who helped form Mellencamp’s snarling, rootsy, aggressive guitar attack, on record and on stage.

“When we did Uh-Huh (in 1983), we did it really quickly,” Larry says. “John is thinking about going back to that vibe.” Continue reading “Larry Crane on New Album, Mellencamp Band Reunion”

Indiana Music: Bobbie Lancaster’s self-titled album

An earthy, rootsy, sexy sound on Bobbie Lancaster’s self-titled debut solo album flows through the record’s ten cuts, showing Lancaster as a folk and Americana artist who is set to become a worthy Hoosier contributor to the modern heartland sound. Album opener “What You Do To Me” lays the blueprint for the record: soaring vocals that build, almost so subtly, that by the end of a song, you’ve got goosebumps. Her voice is that expressive.

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Roots-Rock Album: Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes – “Pills and Ammo”

Fans of authentic East Coast/R&B/Jersey Shore rock and roll need to take a listen to the new album from Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes. Pills and Ammo is newly released (info at and the record has a decided (and welcome) rock and roll edge.

from his website:
“While still tinged with the exuberant rhythm and blues feel that is the Jukes’ trademark, and loaded with the driving sound of the legendary Jukes horn section, this new CD has a sharper, guitar-oriented, rock and roll feel to it. A harder edge for harder times.”

→ Hear “One More Night to Rock

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