Hear new Mellencamp song from upcoming album

The title track from John Mellencamp’s forthcoming album No Better Than This was sent to AAA, Americana and Non-Commercial radio stations June 28th and is currently in rotation on AOL.com’s Adult Rock channel.

According to mellencamp.com, a video for the song, using footage from filmmaker Kurt Markus’ It’s About You documentarychronicling the making of the album will be released in the next couple weeks.

→ Hear the track at mellencamp.com

The cover photo of the No Better Than This album was shot by Elaine Mellencamp and shows Hud Mellencamp, their oldest son, in a photo with two young women. A photo of younger Hud, also by Elaine, was used on the cover of 2003’s Trouble No More.

Review from AOL:
The song ‘No Better Than This’ features a prominent rockabilly beat and lively, uncomplicated production. The lyrics portray a pretty happy guy reveling in the simple pleasures of romance and music: “Give me good loving / And seal it with a kiss / Drop me off where the music sounds / It can get no better than this.”

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