Indiana Music: The Elms call it quits

An abrupt end to one of the best bands in Indiana – The Seymour-based rock band The Elms announced on their website today that they are breaking up.

on – from lead singer Owen Thomas
“It is with equal parts gratitude and humility with which I write you today to say that this July, after ten extraordinary years of life lived closely together, the members of The Elms will very amicably part ways and end our tenure as a rock and roll band. There are no salacious discrepancies between band members to report to you, and no dramatic elements to run through the rumor mill! Simply stated, the time has come to move on.”

The band is releasing a 40-song digital retrospective today, called Stoppin’ on a Dime: Live & Rare 2000-2010. They also have a final, acoustic show planned at Radio Radio in on July 30.

“I can say to you with assurance that our band rarely compromised what we felt were our purest commodities; for better or worse, everything we did musically or otherwise came straight from the guts, and we ultimately answered to our own honest ideals about our songs and identity,” Thomas wrote on the website.

Their most recent album, The Great American Midrange was a slice of heartland rock infused with intelligence and energy, both retro and today in one package. Their previous record, Chess Hotel, was terrific too. Sad to see a tight, American rock and roll band splinter.
read more on their website


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