New Todd Snider and the Eastside Bulldogs video

Todd Snider has evolved from young 20-something strummer,  playing Jerry Jeff Walker tunes around Austin because he felt he must, to a straight-up, full-blown rock and roll band leader with the should-be-and-maybe-they-are legendary Nervous Wrecks, to now having built a seemingly solid career as a barefoot neo-folkie who can whip your ass with his lyrics.  Along the way, he’s proven himself to be the singer of great songs, writer of words that show his near-genius respect and understanding of the human condition, and smoked a lot of weed.

And now he has put out some music that I enjoy more than anything he’s done in a while –  it’s a rowdy band they’ve named The Eastside Bulldogs, and they’ve made music that rings that bell in your soul that digs loud, inspired, slightly-high, call-and-response rock and roll.  The band’s “East” name comes from Todd’s hippie and funkified adopted hometown of East Nashville.  The song features Todd, Elizabeth Cook,her guitar-wielding husband Tim Carroll, and Bobby Bare, Jr.  Don Was produced the track “Come On Up And See Me Sometime”.

All profits from this release will go directly to help the people of Nashville rebuild after the recent flood, and is available on for $2.99.

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