Cross Canadian Ragweed To Stop Touring

Hard-touring country rockers Cross Canadian Ragweed announced they’re coming off the endless road to allow drummer Randy Ragsdale to care for his son.  Ragsdale, who has an autistic son, let the band know that he needed to be at home with his family.

“For many years my band has been my top priority,” Ragsdale said in a press statement. “Being in a touring band you have to give it your all, give it 100%.”

Ragsdale went on to say that his 10-year-old son J.C. is struggling in his development and needs his father at home. He said he encouraged the band to get another drummer and forge on, but they declined.

“We’ve always said from the start, we’re Ragweed as the four of us, or not Ragweed at all,” said front man Cody Canada. Bassist Jeremy Plato added, “We’ve been at this for a long time, we’ve all had to spend time away from home missing birthdays, holidays? It’ll be good for us to have a breather.”

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