Indiana Americana: Jethro Easyfields

Jethro Easyfields cracks me up.  I did a piece on him for NUVO back in early 2009, just after the releases of his Elixer album.  The Indianapolis singer/songwriter has a slanted, “kinda like-the Silo’s” take on Americana/alt-country.  The shit is unique, but familiar.  Isn’t that what makes great music ?   Still, some of it is homemade Wilco-crazy shit.  But if you hit the stuff on just the right minute of the right day, Jethro sounds like a  cutting edge, American Hero music genius that Levon Helm would call a friend.  But it’s always a slab of music that’s slightly askew.

As are his Facebook postings.  Friend him, and join in the fun.  Plus he has a new album “Bloodletting” apparently on the way, judging from a recent post, reprinted here.  Rock on, my brother.


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