Roots Twang News: Jethro Easyfields, Henry French, John Prine Opera

Americana (and other) artists Bobbie Lancaster, Tim Grimm, Jan Lucas, Tim Brickley, Michael Shelton, and Jenni Gregory will perform in the show Positively Prine at the Phoenix Theater May 7-9 and 13-16. It’s the stories of six characters told through the music of John Prine. Worth a look for fans Prine fans I’m certainly one. His debut is one of the best in rock and folk history. Bryan Fonseca directs this production, which they are calling an “operetta”. And anything Tim Grimm touches is usually really good, just so you know…


Roots rocker Jethro Easyfields is taking a break from recording his new album “Bloodletting” to play Spencers Stadium Tavern on April 24th with “some very special guests”.

Finally, Henry French is set to rock Friday, May 21 at Radio Radio.


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