VIDEO: UNC’s Roy Williams Decides Fan Must Leave

One from basketball that is just plain weird: This reeks of ego and acting like a poor man’s Bob Knight. Saturday, North Carolina coach Roy Williams (in the midst of watching his Tar Heels romp past Presbyterian 103-64) decided he didn’t like a fan from the visiting team telling one of UNC’s players to miss a free throw – the quote I am hearing is the fan yelled “Don’t miss it Deon” – and Roy had the guy forcibly removed from the game. 

Watch the cops get a little aggressive with the offender, who doesn’t look like he’s a steroid-takin’, whiskey-soaked fan.  More like a, uh, team supporter and hoops fan.  Even has his school’s golf shirt on.  Just more than a little odd.  Maybe more will come out about the event, but the early forecast is for Williams  to take a little shit for this one.  His postgame press conference seems to hint that he may have been uncomfortable, knowing he might have stepped into the moment a but too aggressively.

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO (It wasn’t on YouTube as of Sunday night – might be now.  Until then, use the link.)

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