VIDEO: Todd Snider (Live) “The Last Laugh”/”Bad, Bad Leroy Brown”

Me and Todd Snider. We go way back. All the way back to 1995 at his show at the legendary (and now defunct) Patio in Indianapolis. Todd and the Nervous Wrecks. The band was fuckin’ amazing. Hell, I didn’t know what to expect. I had heard “Alright Guy” on the radio and thought there might be somethin’ there. There was, times a million. Long about 1998, he dropped the band and went solo. (Though I saw he had a reunion show not long ago, so there is always the sliver of selfish hope that they return to rock again). Meanwhile, he has proven to be the real deal, and tours endlessly as a solo act. The lyrics are unbeatable, he writes tunes that are anthemic in their own little (or big) way and he is funny as shit too. Plus, as he would say, the songs mostly rhyme…
– – Found this up-close video with awesome sounding soundboard audio bootleg of a song from a show in South Carolina…

So you know…this is what the band looked and felt like when I saw ’em about 15 years ago. Hang on until you get to the middle of the video and they throw in a killer cover song. It’ll be worth it. Trust your friend Rob.

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