U2 concert live this Sunday on YouTube

u2_barcelonaSee. This is what the web was meant to do. Live events. Stuff that TV won’t do.
U2 live webcast of their concert this (10.25.09) Sunday night from the Rose Bowl in CA. – 11:30pm (ET).
Will be an interesting piece to watch, and see if it translates well to the web and if the images and audio rock appropriately.
Oh yeah – U2 ain’t bad either.

One thought on “U2 concert live this Sunday on YouTube

  1. The video was great. The quality was much better than I expected for live streaming video, especially with the numbers of people logged in. However, here in Northern California there was a severe audio issue in the form of a greatly delayed echo, especially noticeable in the vocals which made listening impossible. I don’t know if this was an issue from the audio at the event or if I was receiving audio from separate servers.

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